Police Assistant


Under general supervision, Police Assistants:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Occasionally performs a variety of routine law enforcement activities, including:
    • Processing abandoned vehicles
    • Relieving at the complaint desk
    • Serving subpoenas
  • Performs other related duties as required
  • Perform parking enforcement activities

This is not a sworn Peace Officer position; no weapon will be authorized.

Examples of Duties

Parking Duties

Performs assigned duties relative to parking enforcement which are of a routine and limited nature, including enforcement of parking regulations, observes and marks parked cars, issues parking citations, contacts vehicle tow service for removal of cars parked illegally, and explains parking regulations to motorists.

Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out school security checks, police station security checks, and vacation checks
  • Directing traffic
  • Fingerprints citizens
  • Handles transportation details
  • Prepares reports of actions taken and unusual incidents observed
  • Processes abandoned vehicles and animal complaints
  • Testifies in court when citations are contested

Minimum Qualifications

  • Attend work and perform duties on a regular and consistent basis
  • Function under demanding time pressure
  • Interact positively and cooperate with co-workers
  • Learn standard broadcasting procedures of a police radio
  • Observe accurately and remember names, faces, numbers, incidents and places
  • Prepare clear and concise written reports
  • Respond in a positive manner to supervision
  • Respond politely to customers
  • Think and act quickly in emergencies
  • Understand and follow verbal and written directions and Department rules and regulations
  • Work as a team member


  • Graduation from high school or equivalent


  • None required.


  • Must be 18 years of age for entrance


  • Have the physical strength, stamina, and agility adequate to perform all duties of a Police Assistant I


  • Possession of a valid Class C California Driver's License.


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