Unsolved Crimes

On occasion no matter the efforts of law enforcement, some crimes do go unsolved. From time to time these "cold cases" are solved by citizens such as yourself who may hold a critical piece of information useful in solving a case.

Report Information

If you think you have any information related to any of the cold cases listed below, please Email Lieutenant Harold Rolfes. You can also call (650) 991-8169 or you can use our online contact form.

List of Cold Cases

Take a look below at some of our highlighted cold cases and see if you might just be holding that critical piece of information.

  1. Charlotte Cook
  2. Philip & Cheryl Beadles
  3. Thomas Wang
  4. Harry Flamburis & Dannette Barrett
  5. Brian Erickson
  6. Emma Jean O'Rourke
  7. Brenda Duharte
  8. Gregory Whitlock
  9. Donald Cornett
  10. Jane Doe
  11. Michelle Matteucci
  12. Baby Jane Doe
  13. Bryan Chan
  14. Steven Palo
  15. Midori & Keiryo Mizuno
  16. David Haughton
  17. Francisco Garcia
  18. Eddie (Michelle) Lee
  19. Alex Nuevo


January 4, 1974


Thornton Beach, Daly City


Charlotte was 19 years old when her body was found dumped behind a Ranger Station near Thornton Beach, Daly City. Charlotte was strangled to death. The day before her body was found, she had testified as a witness in a robbery case in Alameda County.