Administrative Services - Lt. Ignacio Reyes

The Administrative Services Division-Lieutenant Ignacio Reyes is responsible for the Records, Property, Technical Services, and Community Units. Lieutenant Reyes can be reached at (650) 991-8274. 

Lieutenant Ignacio Reyes started his law enforcement career in 2001. In 2010, he joined the Daly City Police Department, where he served as a Patrol Officer and Detective. In 2012, he was promoted to Sergeant and was responsible for the direct supervision of Patrol Teams, Training Division, and the Crime Suppression Unit. In 2021, Ignacio was assigned as the Acting Lieutenant for the graveyard Patrol Team and shortly after this temporary assignment, he was promoted to Lieutenant for the B-2 Division graveyard Patrol Team. In March 2022, Lieutenant Reyes was assigned to command the Field Operations A-1 Division. As of October 3, 2022, Lieutenant Reyes has been assigned to  the Administrative Services Division under the Support Services Bureau.

Lieutenant Reyes is a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute is a program designed to stimulate personal growth, leadership, and ethical decision-making in California Law Enforcement front-line supervisors.

Lieutenant Reyes is currently working on obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Ignacio Reyes