May I do the work myself?

Depending on the nature of the work or improvements planned, a homeowner may obtain a homeowner-builder permit; per state law, a licensed contractor is required when the total labor and material cost of the proposed project is $500 or more.

Before an owner-builder permit may be issued, a Disclosures and Forms for Owner-Builders Applying for Construction Permit Form (PDF) is required to be completed and signed by the registered property owner. To assure the work is done safely and according to applicable building codes, staff will review the application with you and provide an opportunity to demonstrate your construction knowledge for your planned project.

Keep in mind, as an owner-builder, you assume full responsibility for all phases of your project and its integrity. You are also responsible for workers compensation insurance and payroll taxes for anyone you may hire to help.

For More Information

For more information, email the Building Division or call 650-991-8061.

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