When is a Grading Permit required?

A grading permit is required to grade, fill, excavate, store or dispose of soil and earth materials or to perform any other land-disturbing or land-filling activity which may cause erosion. All land-disturbing or land-filling activities or soil storage shall be undertaken in a manner designed to minimize surface runoff, erosion, and sedimentation and to safeguard life, limb, property, and public welfare. You can find information for Standards and Specifications online. A grading permit is not required if all the following criteria are met:

  • Natural and finished slopes are less than 10 percent
  • No drainage way is blocked or has its stormwater-carrying capacities or characteristics modified
  • Rainwater runoff is diverted, either during or after construction, from an area smaller than one thousand five hundred square feet
  • The site upon which land area is disturbed or filled is three thousand square feet or less
  • The volume of soil or earth materials stored is fifty cubic yards or less

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1. When is a Grading Permit required?
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