Why can't Daly City or PG&E resolve this problem?

Daly City, unfortunately, cannot fund the replacement and upgrades alone. Over the last decade, the City has struggled to keep up with increasing costs and inflation. For a city that is primarily residential and lacks a diverse economic base, the revenue received does not keep pace with the costs to provide services. When the Great Recession hit, the City cut staff positions and employees made concessions. Despite these efforts, the City continues to face financial challenges. If the City were to fully fund the upgrades through a "save and pay" model (no borrowing and cash only), the project would take approximately 20 to 30 years to acquire enough funding for replacement.

High Voltage PG&E Transformers & Switchgear

Street lights on the western side of Daly City are powered by high voltage PG&E transformers and switchgear. Recent experience indicates most street light failures (9 out of 10) are the result of failures in PG&E power supply equipment. Daly City cannot control the problem with PG&E equipment but can convert the Daly City street lights to lower voltage. Converting to a lower voltage would eliminate the high voltage PG&E transformers and switchgear which cause frequent outages. In addition, replacement of the regulated outputs ROs would be with the latest LED technology, which would lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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