What needs to be done when I sell my house?

Prior to sale of a house, a Residential Requirements Report (3R) (PDF) must be obtained from the City.

Upon the sale of a house, City ordinance requires the water heater, if located in the garage, to be raised 18 inches from the garage floor to the flame or from the element capable of generating a glow or spark. This work requires a permit.

Battery powered smoke detectors are required to be installed in each bedroom or sleeping area and in the hall leading to the bedrooms. This does not require a permit.

Important Note

Homeowners, please make sure that your contractor has a permit and obtains the final inspection. Request to see the job card before they start work. The inspector will sign off on the final inspection upon successful completion of the project. All Daly City inspectors are Combination Inspectors. To serve the our residents better, all trades can be inspected and signed off by the same inspector during one visit to the site.

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