Job Specifications

All job specifications are listed in alphabetical orders.

  1. Job Specifications A-C
  2. Job Specifications D-G
  3. Job Specifications H-L
  4. Job Specifications M-Q
  5. Job Specifications R-Z
  1. Account Clerk I and II (PDF)
  2. Account Clerk III (PDF)
  3. Accountant (PDF)
  4. Accounting Technician (PDF)
  5. Active Adult Senior Services Supervisor (PDF)
  6. Administrative Assistant (PDF)
  7. Applications Analyst I-II (PDF)
  8. Applications Support Analyst (PDF)
  9. Assistant Chief of Operations (PDF)
  10. Assistant City Attorney (PDF)
  11. Assistant City Clerk (PDF)
  12. Assistant City Manager (PDF)
  13. Assistant Director of Finance and Administrative Services
  14. Assistant Director of Water and Wastewater Resources
  15. Assistant Planner (PDF)
  16. Assistant to the City Manager (PDF)
  17. Assistant to the Director of Public Works (PDF)
  18. Associate Planner (PDF)
  19. Building Inspector (PDF)
  20. Building Maintenance Worker I and II (PDF)
  21. Building Permit Technician (PDF)
  22. Building Plans Engineer (PDF)
  23. Cashier (PDF)
  24. Central Service and Purchasing Supervisor
  25. Chief Building Supervisor and Building Official (PDF)
  26. Chief Mechanic (PDF)
  27. Chief of Operations (PDF)
  28. City Attorney (PDF)
  29. City Engineer (PDF)
  30. Civil Engineer II (PDF)
  31. Civil Engineering Associate (PDF)
  32. Class Development and Cultural Arts Coordinator (PDF)
  33. Code Enforcement Inspector (PDF)
  34. Code Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  35. Collection System Field Supervisor (PDF)
  36. Collection System Manager (PDF)
  37. Collection System Operator I and II (PDF)
  38. Community Development Assistant (PDF)
  39. Community Development Specialist (PDF)
  40. Community Development Specialist I and II (PDF)
  41. Community Services Officer (PDF)
  42. Crime Analyst (PDF)
  43. Custodial Services Supervisor (PDF)
  44. Custodian (PDF)
  45. Director of Recreation Services
  46. Economic Development Specialist
  47. Executive Administrative Assistant (PDF)
  48. Permit Assistant I/II (PDF)