News Room

This area of our website is designed to provide the public with much more information than ever before. With most people being connected to the internet in some form or another, now our latest and even old information is only a few keystrokes away!

Press Releases

At the direction of the Chief of Police, certain significant incidents will be given a press release and made available to the public. Be advised, certain specific information will not be released to the public if it could potentially hamper an on-going investigation.

Unsolved Crimes

Ever wanted to solve a crime? You may just be the person who holds a vital piece of information in solving a crime. No matter the efforts of law enforcement, some crimes do remain unsolved. Take a look to see if you might be the person with that vital clue.

Identification Needed

From time to time, we rely on the public to identify subjects captured on video surveillance who have committed crimes. Our "citizen detectives" have assisted in closing many cases, and this brings great relief and closure to the victims involved.