Flushing Notice

Flushing notices read as follows:


To Our Water Customers

Water supply improvements are being made in your neighborhood. This will involve the Water Department opening fire hydrants and flushing the water mains. This is a necessary procedure to insure good quality drinking water for our customers.

The water main flushing will take approximately 1 hour to complete, during this time the water crew will be closing valves and opening hydrants to flush any sediment from the water mains. You will notice water running down the street during this time, it is normal and is not a cause for alarm.

The water main flushing will be done on the below date:

[date] [time]

During the time of the flushing, we are advising our customers to not use any water. If any water fixtures are opened during the flushing time schedule, there is a chance of dirty water entering into the water pipes of your house. If you experience any discoloration in your water afterwards, please let your cold water run in the bathtub for several minutes until it runs clear. The discoloration is from sediment and is normal and not unhealthy.

Thank you for your cooperation!

City of Daly City
Water and Wastewater Resources Department