Guidelines for Filming in Daly City

  1. Filming in Daly City will be arranged through the Office of the City Manager, which will make referrals to City departments (Police Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Department of Public Works, Fire Department, etc.) in order to arrange orderly filming in compliance with the law.
  2. A certificate of insurance will be filed in the Office of the City Manager prior to filming, endorsed to the City of Daly City (see attached insurance requirements).
  3. Film company must obtain a Business License from the Finance Department and, if necessary, an encroachment permit from the Department of Public Works.
  4. Uniformed police officers, working voluntary duty on an overtime basis only, will be assigned to motion picture details when the Chief of Police deems it advisable for public safety and convenience. The number of officers assigned will be determined by the Chief of Police depending on the extent of filming and other factors.
  5. Daly City streets must be posted for no parking due to filming 48 hours prior to call time.
  6. Night shooting between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am is prohibited unless the City Manager provides prior express written approval. Commercial areas may be restricted between the hours 6:30 and 9:30 am and 3:30 and 6:30 pm, due to rush hour traffic. Otherwise, commercial areas are available for filming.
  7. Companies are requested to provide the Office of the City Manager and the Police Department with copies of shooting scripts and location schedules, so that potential traffic and parking problems can be anticipated and prevented.
  8. A film company, no later than 48 hours before shooting in a residential neighborhood, must notify in writing, the residents in the area as to the company shooting times, and the name, address, and phone numbers of the company's local office or representative. Prior to filming, the City Manager must be notified that this information has been distributed.
  9. All production vehicles shall be visibly identified (including equipment rental vehicles) with the name of the production company. Such identification is to be placed in the windshield of each vehicle while on location.
  10. The production company shall not interfere with the normal activities of a neighborhood. Filming crews and equipment should not interfere with street sweeping or refuse collection. No littering is permitted and must be cleaned up completely when leaving the location. The public must not be deprived of egress or ingress to private or public property. The production company shall comply with all applicable local ordinances, State and Federal laws, and regulations.