City Departments

  1. Building Daly City
  2. Keeping the City Running
  3. Making Daly City a Great Place to Live & Work
  4. To the Rescue

Public Works Employees Working on a StreetPublic Works

Public works are buildings, parks, and other things built by the city for the people that live here. The Daly City Public Works Department takes care of our streets, sidewalks, and our City buildings, such as City Hall and the libraries.

Economic & Community Development

The Economic and Community Development Department helps people to build houses and start new businesses in Daly City. They also make sure that when people build new buildings they are safe and won't fall down.

Public Works Employee Working on a SewerWater & Wastewater

The Department of Water and Wastewater Resources takes care of all the pipes and other machines that keep our drinking water safe and make sure we have enough. They also take care of what goes down our sink and bathtub drains and down the toilet and make sure that it doesn't get mixed with the water we drink.