Amro Radwan, Commission Chair

Amro Radwan is the founder and CEO of Shake Technologies, a company established in 2008 with the mission to empower nonprofit organizations through technology. Specializing in digital security, and data management, Amro and his team at Shake Technologies have been pivotal in helping thousands of organizations leverage technology to enhance their effectiveness, efficiency while operating securely. His commitment to aiding nonprofits in maximizing their impact through technology has made a significant difference in communities worldwide.
 Beyond his professional commitments at Shake Technologies, Amro is a devoted father to two daughters, whom he is keen to empower with strong values and a love for learning. Residing in Daly City, California, he also enjoys and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, honing his skills at the Charles Gracie academy in Daly City. In addition to martial arts, Amro has a deep-seated love for classic cars and is currently restoring a 1963 Impala. Both his dedication to family and his individual hobbies mirror the same commitment and attention to detail that he brings to his professional life.

Amro Radwan photo