Street Light Outages

Over the last few years residents in western Daly City in the Skyline, Palisades and Saint Francis neighborhoods have experienced repeated street light outages, with the Skyline area north of Westmoor Avenue being the most affected. Daly City's street light systems are aging and approximately 8,500 people are in the dark regularly. On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, the City hosted an Open House Discussion about the street light outages. Approximately 40 residents attended the meeting. 


Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are provided to inform residents about Daly City street light outages occurring in the western area of the City. Street lights are failing because of the age of the mechanical elements and normal wear and tear. Proximity to ocean breezes is slowly corroding the light's wiring, causing lights to go out. High Voltage Regulated Outputs (RO) power Daly City's street lights. The RO, in turn, powers Series Circuits housed within the light pole. By design, RO's power multiple neighborhood street lights at the same time resulting in street lighting, which fails in groups.