Measure Q


In response to the feedback the City received from the community, on July 27th, the Daly City Council unanimously placed Measure Q - The Daly City Local Recovery and Relief Measure on the November ballot for voter consideration.

Measure Q includes tough fiscal accountability by requiring annual independent financial audits, public review of expenditures and ensures that all funds remain in the City of Daly City and cannot be taken by Sacramento. These fiscal safeguards will ensure funds will be used for Daly City's services and our own local recovery and relief plan.

On the Ballot  

Measure Q/Daly City's Local Recovery & Relief Measure: To provide emergency funding that cannot be taken by the State-maintaining the City's long-term financial stability/City services, such as supporting local businesses; preventing/ addressing homelessness; maintaining paramedic, fire and 911 emergency response, senior services; preparing for natural disaster and public health emergencies, shall the measure establishing a ½¢ sales tax, providing approximately $6,000,000 until ended by voters and requiring independent audits and public oversight, be adopted.


On December 3, 2020, the Elections Office certified the results for the election. Measure Q passed with the majority approval required, receiving more than a 72% approval rate.  To view results by precinct, visit

Or view the summary report as a PDF which contains a breakdown of votes cast by mail and at Vote Centers.

Measure Q Results

For further information, read the full City resolution on Measure Q.