Mobilehome Parks Program

The Legislature finds and declares that increasing numbers of Californians live in manufactured homes and mobilehomes and that most of those living in such manufactured homes and mobilehomes reside in mobilehome parks. Because of the high cost of moving manufactured homes and mobilehomes, most owners of manufactured homes and mobilehomes reside within mobilehome parks for substantial periods of time. Because of the relatively permanent nature of residence in such parks and the substantial investment which a manufactured home or mobilehome represents, the Mobilehome Parks Act (CA Health & Safety Code 18200-18700) and Title 25 of the California Code of Regulations were enacted to ensure residents of mobilehome parks are entitled to live in conditions which assure their health, safety, general welfare, and a decent living environment, and which protect the investment of their manufactured homes and mobilehomes.

Daly City Code Enforcement Division, as the Local Enforcement Agency, conducts both maintenance inspections and responds to complaints at all mobilehome parks within the City's jurisdiction as mandated in Title 25.

The Daly City Building Division issues permits for mobile home installations and performs inspections for the work.

Mobile Home Installation Permits

Submit the completed documents through email to the Building Division:

  1. Completed permit application (Building Permit Application (PDF) 
  2. Mobilehome park and State approved documents for the installation (tiedown system, carport, porch, etc.)
  3. Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF) (Visa or MasterCard)

Modifications and Alterations to Mobile Homes

Modifications to existing mobile homes, including exterior work such as roofing and siding, will require approval and permits from HCD

Modifications to the foundation of the mobile home will require permits through the Daly City Building Division. 


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  5. HCD Informational Video: Help with Your Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection


To report a violation, please call 650-991-8260 or email Code Enforcement.