Partnership with PMAM Corporation

As of December 2019, the Daly City Police Department is in partnership with PMAM Corporation for all of our alarm servicing needs, which includes the permitting, billing and managing the alarm program for the City of Daly City. PMAM Corporation is based in Texas, and their telephone number is (877) 356-7119.


Every burglar alarm user shall obtain an alarm user's permit prior to use of the alarm system. The permit fee is $25 annually, and this allows for the first false alarm to be no charge.

PMAM Corporation sends out annual renewal notices toward the end of the year. For new accounts, visit the PMAM Corporation's website.

Application Form

A fee of $25 will be made with original application and the renewal fee is $25 for all alarm users. Renewal goes by calendar year.

If a residential alarm user is over the age of sixty years and a primary resident of the residence and if no business is conducted in the residence, a user's permit may be obtained without a fee.

False Alarms

The Daly City municipal code defines a "false alarm" as an alarm signal, eliciting a response by the police or fire department when a situation requiring a response does not, in fact, exist, but does not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm business operator or alarm user.

False Alarm Fees

Effective July 1, 2023

     False Alarms-Registered (On a 12-month period from first offense, resents after 12-months)

     1st Offense-$0

     2nd Offense-$25

     3rd Offense-$50

     4th Offense-$100

     False Alarms-Unregistered and Expired (On a 12-month period from first offense, resents after 12-months)

     1st Offense-$25

     2nd Offense-$25

     3rd Offense-$50

     4th Offense-$100

     For first time registrants, the $25 fine can be waived if the alarm user registers for an alarm permit.

Please make checks and money orders payable to Daly City False Alarm Reduction Program, and mail them to P.O. BOX 142856, Irving, TX  75014.

Permit Revocation

Any alarm system which has four or more false alarms within a permit year shall be subject to permit revocation. If the Communications Division records four or more false alarms within a permit year for any alarm system:

  1. The chief of police shall notify the alarm user and the alarm business providing service or inspection to the user by certified mail of such fact and direct that the user submit a report to the chief of police within ten days of receipt of the notice describing actions taken or to be taken to discover and eliminate the false alarms.
  2. If no report is submitted, or if the chief of police determines that the actions taken or to be taken will not prevent the occurrence of false alarms, the chief of police shall give notice on the tenth day, after the date of the notice, if the user does not file within that period a written request for a hearing.
  3. If a hearing is requested, written notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be served on the user by the council, by certified mail at least ten days prior to the date set for the hearing, which date shall not be more than thirty nor less than ten days from the date notice of the hearing is mailed to the alarm user and/or the alarm business.
  4. The hearing shall be before the council and the chief of police and the alarm user shall have the right to present written and oral material.
  5. If the council determines that four or more false alarms have occurred in a permit year, and that the user has not taken actions which will prevent the reoccurrence of false alarms, the council shall order the revocation of the user's permit.
  6. An alarm user shall immediately discontinue use of the alarm system upon being notified by certified mail of the revocation of a permit.
  7. An alarm user whose permit has been revoked may apply for a revoked user's permit. The chief of police shall not be required to issue a revoked user's permit unless he is satisfied that the user's system has been properly serviced and its deficiencies corrected. The chief of police may impose reasonable restrictions and conditions upon the user, before issuing a revoked user's permit, which restrictions and conditions shall be written on the permit and shall provide for summary revocation on the occurrence of four false alarms in the permit year.
  8. In situations permitting summary revocation, revocation shall be effective on the third day following the mailing by certified mail by the chief of police of a notice of revocation. There shall be no appeal of a summary revocation.