Summer Youth Recreation Program

Changes in Programming

Due to COVID-19, the Summer Youth Recreation Program (SYRP) cannot operate as it has in past years. 

The programming itself will be modified, we will focus on activities that will be thoughtful to social distancing.  We will do daily health check-ins, work on having non-contact drop-off/pick ups, we will encourage participants to wear masks, practice frequent handwashing, will be given their own work stations and supplies, and more.

Cohort System

Programming limitations imposed by the San Mateo County Health Officer, the program will serve groups of 12 or fewer children in what we are calling “cohorts” - or bubble pods. These groups of children will remain together for a minimum of three consecutive weeks, supported by two or more staff members. The cohorts will not have contact with any other groups of children for the duration of the program. The cohort will be somewhat like a second household for the participants. Children will remain together for the three-week period. They will not be going on field trips or have any contact with anyone outside their assigned group.

Program Overview

SYRP is for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years. The program costs $354 per session. The program remains $118 per week for Daly City Residents, but your child must be enrolled in either or both of the three-week sessions.

Scholarship Program

View the policy and application for the scholarship program (PDF).

Contact Us

For more information, please call 650-991-8001 or register online.