Revisions to Approved Plans Requirements

pexels-anete-lusina-4792479After your plans have been approved and your project has begun, we understand that there may be a need to make revisions to the plans along the way. Please read the following to assist us in reviewing your revisions in a timely manner:

Building Official Note: Changes made during construction that are not in compliance with the approved plans must be submitted for approval1. Daly City reviews and approves construction plans for compliance with the Building Code and applicable state laws and local ordinances. Daly City does not prepare plans or make revisions/amendments to plans.

Construction plans must clearly depict the scope of work for the project. The final set of plans (including any revisions) shall be clear, accurate, orderly, and consistent.

Revisions to construction plans shall comply with all the following:

  • Revisions to approved drawings shall be marked by encircling the change with a revision "cloud" and delta symbol. The title block should be marked with the date and number of the revision. 
  • If a second or third revision is made on a page containing a revision, the cloud of the previous revision shall be removed.
  • Plan revisions shall be provided on the same size sheets as the original drawings.
  • Revisions shall be consistent. If a revised item appears on several sheets, all affected sheets shall be revised. 
  • Revisions to plans prepared by a licensed professional shall be sealed and signed by that licensed professional. 
  • Revisions made in pen on the plans shall be clear and legible. Each revision made in pen on plans prepared by a licensed professional shall be signed by that licensed professional.
  • Revisions shall be approved by Daly City. Plan review turn-around time for revisions varies based on the scope of the revisions2.

How to submit revisions to approved plans:

  • Digital submissions via email only. Email PDF submittal to Hardcopies will be required after approval only.
  • Include a narrative in the body of the email noting what change(s) have been made and on which sheet(s) it can be found. 
  • Revision plans should meet the requirements outlined above.

Daly City Building Division will not approve the following types of revisions:

  • Revisions made with pencil, white-out, tape, or papers glued or stapled to the plans.
  • Revisions which are sloppy, illegible, or unclear. 
  • Revisions to plans prepared by a licensed professional, but which do not bear that professional’s approval. Sealed and wet-signed plans may be required at the discretion of the Daly City Building Division. 


Code References: 

1. CBC Section 107.4 and CRC Section R106.4

2. California Business and Professions Code, Section 5536

You can find a PDF copy of Revision Requirements here