Roofing Permit & Inspection Requirements

A Roofing Permit Is Required

A permit is required for each roofing job in excess of one square (100 square feet). Permits must be obtained before work begins. Work begun without a permit will result in assessment of investigation fees. Investigation fees are equal in amount to the permit fee for the first offense, triple the permit fee for the second offense and ten times the permit fee for each offense thereafter.

Roofers must have an appropriate state license, a valid Daly City Business License and a current certificate of Workers' Compensation insurance.

  1. Inspection Requirements
  2. Inspection Scheduling
  3. Access
  4. Daly City Fire Resistive Requirements
  5. Spark Arresters
  6. Cant Strips
  7. Shingle Roofs
  8. Overlays & Ponding
  9. Kettle Fees & Safety Requirements
  10. Fire Extinguishers
  11. Skylight Requirements
  12. Reinspection Fee

Inspection Requirements

Generally, only one roof inspection is required on a single-family dwelling roof. This should be an in-progress inspection with the roofing materials being installed. The spark arrester must be in place.

Following this inspection, the inspector will sign off the job card. Make sure an inspection approval is obtained. Failure to obtain inspection approval may result in permit expiration necessitating permit renewal. Permit renewal fees would then need to be paid.