Owner-Builder Permits

715vaf8tOwner-Builder permits in Daly City are issued to homeowners who opt to perform work on their own projects.  These permits are the most beneficial to homeowners with experience in construction and project management as home repairs and renovations are large time commitments and come with hefty responsibilities. For these reasons, here are a few things to consider prior to applying for a permit as Owner-Builder:


  • Time and financial commitment:  You may have a lack of experience and knowledge in the permitting process, in construction, and building code requirements which will play an important role in how much time and money you will spend on your project. As Owner-Builder, you must account for all labor and material costs required for your project and you must have the time and money to complete the project to its final inspection regardless of any road bumps along the way. Please note that unforeseen circumstances may drag on your projects for months, or even years, and may also be potentially dangerous.


"You should be cautious of unlicensed individuals claiming to be contractors who prey upon homeowners. They may promise to guide you through the owner-builder process for a consulting fee, but they are breaking the law." - CSLB


  • Liability: Permits are usually issued to licensed contractors. Because they are the ones permitted to work, they are the ones who will be held liable for any issues, mistakes, or injuries that may occur on the job. As Owner-Builder, the homeowner will assume full liability for the project and its integrity, and ensure that all work meets local, state, and federal requirements.
  • Deceptive tactics of unlicensed contractors: Homeowners are often led to believe that filing permit applications as Owner-Builders is in their favor or more beneficial to the project. However, it is most typical that unscrupulous "consultants" or unlicensed individuals will falsely promise homeowners significant cost savings by doing so. This is a deceptive tactic used by those same individuals as they are usually the ones who illegally profit from this arrangement.

If you still wish to obtain an Owner-Builder permit after careful consideration of all the above, City staff at the Permit Center will help guide you through the permitting process as seen most appropriate for your project. It is important to consider your time, commitment, and budget for your project before hiring contractors. Please note our role does not include designing your project, finding the right subcontractor, or waiving building standards because you are out of time or budget.

Please complete the permit application and the Owner-Builder Disclosure Form to proceed with the permitting process.