Energy Upgrade California

Holiday Closure Reminder and New Code Adoption

Please note: The Building Division will be closed for the Holidays from 12/23/22 to 1/2/23. We will return to the office on Tuesday, 1/3/22.

New Code Adoption: Beginning 1/1/23 the City is required to enforce the 2022 Edition of the California Building Standards Code. We highly encourage applicants to send in their permit package no later than 12/16/22 to allow for adequate processing time before the holiday closure. 

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide energy efficiency incentive program offered through the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission. Visit the Energy Upgrade California website to find out about:

  • Available incentives for home energy improvements
  • Participating Contractors
  • Innovative financing options

Energy Upgrades

Energy upgrades are more than just adding insulation or a low-flow shower head. It's approaching your home as a complete system, with heating, air conditioning, water and waste systems working together with greater efficiency to reduce your utility bills.

Making energy upgrades can help you save electricity, gas and water in your home, lower your monthly bills, and qualify you for up to $4,000 in rebates.

All too often the energy you use to heat and cool your home can easily escape through hidden holes and un-insulated gaps in your attic and walls. By fixing these small things, you won't have to heat your home as much, which will save you energy and money.

For More Information

To learn more, view an Energy Upgrade California Informational Brochure (PDF), visit the Energy Upgrade California website, or telephone the Energy Upgrade California Bay Area Call Center at 855-464-8484 between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Attention All Contractors & Construction Professionals in San Mateo County

Are you a contractor or construction professional in San Mateo County interested in diversifying and expanding your business opportunities? To learn more about how contractors participating in Energy Upgrade California can offer PG&E rebates for energy and water efficiency jobs to homeowners, visit the Energy Upgrade California website.